Froggy 100.9 Texaco Country Showdown


Tiffany Couture wins the 2013 Froggy 100.9 Texaco Country Showdown


Winner Tiffany Couture with JD Green & Randy LaPrade 

Winner Tiffany Couture with the top three finishers and JD Green & Randy LaPrade

First Place - Tiffany Couture of Milton
Second Place - Chuck Smith of Newport
Third Place - Quinn Thomashow of Strafford

Tiffany is now off to the next round at Hershey Park, PA!

2nd Place - Chuck Smith of Newport

3rd Place -  Quinn Thomashow of Strafford

Ashley Miles of Concord

 Lori Renaud of Barre

Iva Wich of Thetford Center

Jodi Hyatt of Barre

 Olivia Ziter of Washington

  Danelle Prior of Northfield

  Jane Cline of Barton



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