Froggy Pothole Patrol






You may submit pictures but they're not required. Be extremely careful when taking pictures on any road with traffic.

how's this for a pothole! photo taken in Brookfield

From: Christine Elwell
Cumbys Northfield parking lot

    • The worst potholes in central vermont are on 302 by the world. The entire road is a pothole!!!

From: Eric Michaud 
Right at the beginning of rt 110 in E Barre. WHAM.

    • Looking for potholes? Try all of Northfield st in Montpelier! Or on route twelve in Northfield just past Ellies. I agree about the massive pothole in front of Kinney's drug though as well!

From: Tierney Routhier
Found this pot whole in wood bury!

Morning Froggy!!!!
I had an experience with a pothole on RTE2 heading West in Marshfield. It's right after the diner/ bakery in town. I couldn't avoid it and it blew my tire instantly and caused my rear shock to leak. My estimate for damages is approx. $400.
Rita Durgin

From: Krystal Blaisdell
Worst Pot Holes would be the Starting of Bolton Flats to Almost Jonesville VT.....Their is one heck of a doozy after Bolton Store....The town has many signs up....You literally have to come to a stop so you don't hurt your vehicle because its completely across the whole road.  Even if your going 10-20 MPH your going to hurt ur vehicle pretty bad.  But Bolton Flats is just awful and has been that way for yrs.  The pot holes knock your car all over the place like your a drunk driver.  Check it out for yourself.  I have had it with all of these Pot Holes and I find that the state will fix one or two by filling it then their will be a couple more up the road un-touched.....why bother if your not going to fill the rest?  Vermont needs a serious Make Over on all of our roads!!!  Cost us money to keep having to buy tires... gets pretty pricey after awhile...and they are liable for blown tires due to road conditions!!!

  • Gabrielle S. Coletti Biggest bump is central Vermont is on vine at in Berlin off of the barre Montpelier road. Right at the bottom 

From: Wackley, Kristin
The pothole on the Barre-Montpelier Road in front of Kinney Drugs almost knocked my teeth out and then returning home, the potholes on the same B-M Road in front of Tire Warehouse just about broke something vital on the front end of my car.
I will gladly wait and wave to every road worker this spring!!!

Paulette LaMare - Travel Route 14 to and from Montpelier. Around Woodbury Lake headed north, no chance to miss them. Huge Frost heave just past Legare’s

 Tyler Senecal Stretch from maple fields in plainfield all the way to Dudley's in east montpelier!
Nate Deschamps's photo.
  • Nate Deschamps pot hole in berlin on Lyford lane

    From: Wright, Lisa
    In front of McDonald’s on the Barre-Montpelier Road.  I have hit this pothole a few times simply because if there are cars in the lane next to you it is unavoidable because it is right in the lane and there is no swerving to avoid it if there are cars next to you.  It is a DOOZY!!! Very deep.  The first time I hit it I did not even see it until it was too late, therefore I hit it square on.  I thought I had broken my axle or something in the front end of my car.  To say that it rattled my teeth is putting it lightly.  In fact, when I came to a stop I did take a peek in the rearview to make sure I didn’t chip a tooth, ha, ha! 

     Kierstan Cheri McConnell Pot holes! In Randolph on ridge road. The whole road on both sides, awful.
  •  Hailee Rae May Terrible potholes:
    Plainfield going up the hill that turns into middle road.Right in front of Plainfield Hardware.
    Right in front of the Econo Lodge in Montpelier. ENTIRE Groton State Forrest Road.

 Alana Manning Looking for potholes? Try all of Northfield st in Montpelier! Or on route twelve in Northfield just past Ellies. I agree about the massive pothole in front of Kinney's drug though as well!
  •  Raven Tianna Campbell WORST POTHOLES EVER marshfield/Cabot route 2 next to the Goodrich maple farm. my husband was driving through there and his tire blew.!!
  •  Corrina Hudson Worst pothole EVER...Barre Montpelier rd, by Portland glass....bent my rim.
  •  Kyle Connolly There's a really bad frost heave in Randolph just above the interstate going towards Randolph center. The worst one is the first one then there's three more almost as bad. Definitely get airborne going 15 mph!
  •  Cathy MacRitchie Worst pot hole! Lovers Lane in Northfield! My daughter Taylor Popped 2..yes TWO tires at the same time on that one !
  • Chelsea Emmons Rte 302 between salvation army and the roundabout in Montpelier. Yuck!

    Catherine Pizano The absolute worst pot hole is on rte 110 the bridge in chelsea... it's BAD!!!

    Jacqui Matheson VT RT 12 Riverton

    Donna J. Barr worse pot holes are on Barre Street in Montpelier, worse frost heave is on Rt 110 in Chelsea
    Nancy Manning Reservoir Road in Orange
    Amanda Pearce Barre Montpelier Rd especially from Kinneys Drugs and up lots of tire killers
    Heather Taylor bolton flats

    One winning entry will be selected at random draw from all entries.
    Winning entry will receive $300 toward the purchase of tires from Vermont Tire & Service, River Street, Montpelier location.

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