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I’m Surry, so Surry, but I just don’t want to live with these toddlers any longer. I used to be the baby, and I was very content with that arrangement. In fact, it was PURfect. But, then my family grew. First they had one baby, then when that baby started walking, they had another one! I don’t mean to sound “mean,” but kids are just notmy cup of cat-nip tea. Oh, and to make matters worse, they also got another cat! That cat wants to be my best-friend. I’m Surry, do I look a dog? I don’t want to be best-friends with a CAT! That’s what people are for.. mature people who will let me sit on their lap and pat me and treat me like a princess.

Surry, has never hurt a fly (even when the toddler sat on her). She is shy and easily spooked. She needs time to get to know you. Surry hides under the bed until the children are asleep. When the coast is clear, she comes out looking for love. Surry once lived with a dog, and that didn’t go well either. Surry is an inside cat. She enjoys sunny windowsills for watching and napping. We’re sorry that Surry’s family dynamic changed and she could not adapt. We would love for Surry to have a home where she can be the only baby in the house—where she can live her life feeling relaxed, unafraid, and just loved.

Surry is 9-year-old female cat. She is spayed, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

 For more info, contact: 

Potter’s Angels Rescue

P.O. Box 162

East Randolph, VT 05041

We prefer email for all non-urgent questions. This allows us the time to respond appropriately to your needs and virtually eliminates “phone tag”. We are, however, perfectly willing to talk to you on the phone if you prefer. Email us with your phone number and the best time to call, and we will get back to you.

We have a new postal address! Please ONLY send mail addressed to Potter’s Angels Rescue to this address. Otherwise, we may have a problem if we ever need to close the box.

Potter’s Angels Rescue

P.O. Box 162

East Randolph, VT 05041

If you would like to adopt, it is best to fill out an online application first. If you have questions that are not urgent, feel free to use the email address above. You will not be considered as a potential adopter for a dog until we have received your application.


Puppies 12 months of age and younger: $300**

Dogs 13 months- 6 years of age: $250

Dogs 6 years plus one month of age: $200

Dogs 10+ years: Donation of your choosing


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