Survey Says Brain Buster



Friday, October 31
Q: About a third of the people who chose this career now reget it. What's the career?
A: Journalism

Thursday, October 30
Q: According to a new insurance study, this tops the list of most embarrassing moments for drivers. What is it?
A: Forgetting where you parked your car.

Tuesday, October 28:
Q: Half of us haven't changed anything about this in more than 3 years. What is it?
A: The voice mail  message

Monday, October 27:
Q: Crayons are the most likely thing kids will pit up their noses. What is #2?
A: A French Fry

Friday, October 24:
Q: This happens to babies about twice a day, every day before they turn one. What is it?
A: They get their picture taken

Thursday, October 23:
Q: Typically this happens to women by the time they turn 34. What is it?
A: They get their first grey hair.

Wednesday, October 22:
Q: According to a recent survey, 30 percent of people say their most embarrassing moment happed here. Where was it?
A: At a wedding!

Tuesday, October 21:
Q: According to a recent survey, the average person touches about 15 of these before buying one. What is it?
A: Greeting Cards

Friday, July 18th:
Q: 73% of women say men over 40 look ridiculous when they wear this? What is it?
A: Backwards Baseball Cap

Wednesday, July 16th:
Q: 25% of people have lost our cell phone in this location. Where?
A: Laundry Basket

Tuesday, July 15th:
Q: 83 percent of men say they pay little or no attention to this....while most women follow it closely. What is it?

Monday, July 14th:
Q: This Happens to the average person three times a week.
A: The computer freezes.

Thursday, July 10th:
Q: What do DirecTV, Hillshire Brands, Russell Stover, Blackberry and Aeropostale all have in common?
A: They will all be obsolete in 2015

Wednesday, July 9th:
Q: Americans DON'T use about 92% of these
A: Frequent Flyer miles

Tuesday, July 8th:
Q: There are 6 layers and the core is the size of a grape. What is it?
A: a baseball

Monday, July 7th:
39 percent of us admit doing this -- even though most of us think it's gross when someone else does. What is it?

ANSWER: "Double-dip"


Thursday, July 3rd:
Q: 91% of those surveyed said that THIS is as important as their car - some say it's even MORE important than deodorant and a toothbrush
A: Cell phone

Wednesday, July 2nd:
Q: A new report shows that Americans are consuming about 23 a year.
A: Sticks of butter ! 

Tuesday, July 1st:
Q: Apparently Dads now want more of THESE !
A: Baby diaper changing tables at restaurants and bathrooms

Monday, June 30th:
Q: 62% of American familes have one of these in their yard
A: An American flag

Friday, June 27th:
Q: The average woman thinks about this about 7 times per day
A: Their physical appearance

Thursyda, June 26th:
Q: Women may seem to be more contemporary and less old fashioned these days, except when it comes to THIS !
A: Getting down on one knee to propose, and asking her father's permission

Wednesday, June 25th:
Q: A new study has found that 26% of people don't have this
A: Emergency savings

Monday, June 23rd:
Q: Applicants who include THIS on their resumes are less likely to be called back by prospective employers
A: Religion 

Friday, June 20th:
Q: Americans buy just over 1400 every minute every day
A: McDonalds hamburgers

Thursday, June 19th:
Q: When it comes to Millennials today, the majority DON'T use this
A: Voicemail

Wednesday, June 18th

Q: More than three-quarters of the female respondents say THIS growing trend has encouraged and motivated them to take on more healthy eating and fitness habits, to look better and be more camera-ready.  Fifty percent of men agree.  
A: Selfies

Tuesday, June 17th
Q: Almost 25% of us follow this superstition, making it the most popular one we have.
A:  Knocking on wood for good luck.

Monday, June 16th:
Q: When it comes to doing this, Americans between the age of 18-34 are the worst at it
A: Tipping at restaurants

Thursday, June 12th:
Q: According to the new study on Father's Day, THIS came in as #1 on the list of things Dad's LEAST want ... 

Wednesday, June 11th:
Q: The average person does this 15 times a minute
A: Blink

Tuesday, June 10th:
Q: The average person does this 16 times per day
A: Laugh

Monday, June 9th:
Q: 70% of us do this while on vacation
A: Check our email or other work-related material

Wednesday, June 4th:
Q: With summer vacations coming, 22% of teenagers say they NEVER or hardly ever do this for enjoyment

Monday, June 2nd:
Q: According to a new poll, 47% of Americans have completely given up on this
A: Looking for a job 

Friday, May 30th:
Q: The average one of these costs 4 times as much as it did 25 years ago - but is half the size. What is it?
A: A bikini

Thursday, May 29th:
Q: According to the American Red Cross, less than HALF of Americans know how to do this
A: SWIM ! 

Wednesday, May 28th:
Q: It was first introduced May 28th 1897. In Utah, the senate passed a resolution naming it the "Official State Snack". There's actually a museum in Le Roy New York for it.
A: Jello 

Tuesday, May 27th:
Q: Kale Recipe, Poetry, The Daily Show all have what in common?
A: These are the topics most frequently googled by Vermonters

Friday, May 23rd:
Q: In a recent survey, 16 percent of Americans say they do this only once a day. What is it?

A: Eat a meal. About three percent follow Taco Bell's advice and eat a fourth meal at some point.

Thursday, May 22nd:

Q: Despite what we're taught in school, this took MONTHS to complete
A: Signing the Declaration of Independence. The first signature went on paper on August 2nd - a month later than we're told.

Wednesday, May 21st
Mr. T turns 62 today.
Q: Mr. T played B.A. Baracus on The A Team. What did the "B" stand for?
A: Bosco
 Q: Mr. T had a boxing match against what pro wrestler?
A: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Tuesday, May 20th
Q: 49 percent of us say we do this regularly, as suggested. But one in 10 Americans admits they never bother. What is it?
ANSWER: Floss their teeth.

Monday, May 19th
Q: 1 in 10 of us haven't had this on us in over a month
A: Cash

Friday, May 16th:
Q: This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of this, which first came out in 1954
A: Godzilla

Thursday, May 15th:
Q: About 30 percent of drivers have done this while behind the wheel -- slightly more women than men. What is it?
A: Flipped the bird to another driver.

Monday, May 12th:
Q: About one in eight elementary school kids do this daily, but 40 years ago, half of all kids did it.
A: Walk to school

Friday, May 9th:
Q: THIS has been linked to unhealthy teen behaviors
A: Sports and Energy Drinks

Thursday, May 8th:
Q: Mississippi was the last state to allow residents to do this. What is it?
A: Drink alcohol. Prohibition ended in the 1930s, but Mississippi did not re-legalize booze until 1966.

Monday, May 5th:
Q: Nearly 10 percent of Americans admit they've done this while shopping. What is it?
A: Switch price tags

Friday, May 2nd:
43-percent of newlyweds say when it came to this on their wedding day, they sure would have appreciated a reminder 
A: to smile and/or watch their posture while walking down the aisle

Thursday, May 1st:
Q: 88% of Americans plan to do this this year
A: Take a long vacation

Wednesday, April 30th:
Q: A new survey conducted by investment management company T. Rowe Price shows that almost 50% of parents have admitted to using THIS for their kids good behavior
A: Paying them cash as bribery

Tuesday, April 29th:
Q: This is not only unhealthy for you, but according to new research it will make you less motivated
A: Junk food

Monday, April 28th:
Q: Of over 2,000 women surveyed, the average owns about $550 worth of this
A: Clothes that are never worn

Thursday, April 24th:
Q: Consumer Reports say 4.5 million went missing in the past year - double from 2 years ago.
A: Smart phones

Wednesday, April 23rd:
Q: 100 years ago today, in 1914, it opened to the public. It was built in just 8 weeks, at a cost of $250,000 (today, that would be about $5.9 million)
A: Wrigley Field in Chicago

Tuesday, April 22nd:
Q: According to a new study - THIS is the #1 source of antioxidants in the US

Monday, April 21st:
Q: Thursdays are the BEST day to do this. Sundays are the WORST.
A: Buy a plane ticket

Friday, April 18th:
Q: About 1 in every 20 children do this. By the age of 40, about half of us do.
A: Snore

Wednesday, April 16th:
Q: Guys spend an average of $21 a week on this. Ladies spend about $15
A: Eating lunch at work

Tuesday, April 15th:
Q: 44% of Twitter users have never done this. 
A: Send out a single tweet

Monday, April 14th:

Q: When they were introduced in 1953, it took 27 hours to hand-create each one. Today it takes just 6 seconds. They are cranked out at 3,500 per minute and 4 million per day.
A: Marshmallow Peeps !

Friday, April 11th:
Q: There's just a billion of them floating around - which accounts for only 3% in America. What are they?
A: $2 bills

Thursday, April 10th:
Q: What is the number one thing guys say is the most romantic thing to do for their partner?
A: Taking her away on a surprise trip.

Wednesday, April 9th:
Q: About 25% of us have NEVER done this, even though we should at least once a year
A: Check our credit score

Monday, April 7th:
Q: More than 70% of us would rather do this than gain 25 pounds of extra weight
A: Assume more debt

Friday, April 4th:
Q: It takes 6 months to a year or more to prepare for this and it only lasts a few hours
A: A wedding

Thursday, April 3rd:
Q: When it comes to this, humans have 21 different ones - and we use most of them every day
A: Facial expressions

Tuesday, April 1st:
Q: W
e're all supposed to do this, but only one in three workers actually do. What is it?
A: Give a 2-week notice when leaving a job

Monday, March 31st:
Q: When it comes to fighting ability, physical fitness and availability of weapons, some states are more prepared for this event than others, if it were to happen
A: Zombie apocalypse

Friday, March 28th:
Q: Guys find women more attractive when they spend alot LESS time doing this? 
A: Putting on makeup

Thursday, March 27th:
Q: It's the 3rd most valuable franchise in the United States at $1.5 billion.
A: The Boston Red Sox. The Yankees are #1 at $2.5 billion. The Dodgers are #2 at $2 billion

Wednesday, March 26th:
Q: 1/3 of Americans have NO plans to do this
A: Enroll in Obama Care

Tuesday, March 25th
Q: This career is one of the highest earning salaries that does NOT require a college degree
A: Registered nurse at an average pay of $65,000 nationally (Dental Hygienist is right up there as well)

Monday, March 24th
Q: THIS may be to blame for a rise in the number of head lice cases
A: Taking selfies

Friday, March 21st
Q: How many years old does a Sugar Maple tree need to be before it is tapped for sap?
A: 40

Wednesday, March 20th:
Q: What is "Sinzibukwud"  ? 
A: It's the Native American name for maple syrup

Tuesday, March 18th:
Q: Who became known as "The Leprechaun of Country Music" yesterday?
A: Eric Paslay 

Monday, March 17th:
Q: THIS is the career that receives the least amount of tips in America
A: Hairdresser

Friday, March 14th:
Q: Researches say that THIS is the most contagious thing in America, that affects our moods
A: Facebook

Thursday, March 13th:
Q: 50% of women would prefer THIS over an engagement ring

Wednesday, March 12th:
Q: According to a new study, men (on average) after age 40 do this more than women the same age
A: take selfies

Tuesday, March 11th:
Q: When it comes to this, experts say women tend to keep the bigger picture in mind and they do it much better than men.
A: Investing and being financially responsible

Monday, March 10th:
Q: 41,000 pedestrians are treated in emergency rooms each year for injuries related to this
A: texting and walking

Friday, March 7th:
Q: On average, 12oo of these are used and then thrown away by every American every year.
A: Junk Mail

Thursday, March 6th:
Q: 53% of guys worry more about this than their own health, family, relationships and professional success
A: Their appearance

Wednesday, March 5th:
Q: According to the American Heart Association, we should eat about 22 pounds of this each year, but we're only eating about 15.
A: Fish

Tuesday, March 4th:
Q: 53% of Americans would rather give THIS up than give up access to the internet.
A: Cable TV 

Monday, March 3rd:
Q: This is one of the most popular myths about tax audits
A: That only the wealthy get audited

Friday, Feb 28th:
Q: 32% of Americans are NOT doing this
A: Saving money

Thursday, Feb 27th:
Q: A survey of 2000 women and over 200 teens revealed that the average women spends 355 hours a year on this.
A: Their appearance

Wednesday, Feb 26th:
Q: A recent list came out of the things women do not like doing alone. This was at the top of the list
A: Watching a scarey movie

Tuesday, Feb 25th:
Q: Almost 1/3 of the 430 billion pounds of this is wasted by Americans
A: Food

Monday, Feb 24th:
Q: This guy took part in Country Music's tribute album to Motley Crue. His new video is partly set in the 1920's and features outlaws and bootleggers.
A: Brantley Gilbert

Friday, Feb 21st:
Q: 4 out of 5 people over the age of 65 still have one of these, what is it?

Thursday, Feb 20th:
Q: Almost 10% of us have broken this while cheering for our favorite team. What is it?
A: Cell Phone

Wednesday, Feb 19th:
Q: Survey's have shown that 50% of us do this for our pets....What is it?
A: Leave the TV or radio on for them when they are gone

Tuesday, Feb 18th:
Q: 43% of men have flirted with this women at work..what does she do?
A: Bank teller

Thursday, Feb 13th:
Q: We are most likely to do this at 4:12pm every day
A: Cheat on our diets

Wednesday, Feb 12th:
Q: 6 out of 10 guys do this within the first 10 minutes of waking up each morning
A: Check Facebook

Tuesday, Feb 11th:
Q: This year, AAA predicts that motorists will spend $5 billion because of THIS
A: Potholes

Monday, Feb 10th:
Q: According to a poll conducted by the National Retail Federation, 54% of Americans will spend an average of $133 on this this year
A: Valentines Day

Friday, Feb 7th:
Q: Today, the National average of this is $50/week
A: A childs allowance

Thursday, Feb 6th:
Q: On the FIRST date THIS will decrease your chances of getting a second date
A: A smoke break

Wednesday, Feb 5th:
Q: Around 6 million people are planning or expecting this in about a week
A: A marriage proposal on Valentine's Day 

Tuesday, Feb 4th:
Q: This is the real reason why Alan Jackson wore a cowboy hat in his early days while performing. AND, what does Alan Jackson often enjoy while writing music?
A: A scar, and Jack Daniels

Monday, Feb 3rd:
Q: According to a USA Today survey, for the average person it takes 5 tries to get the perfect one of THESE. What do you think it is?
A: A Selfie

Wednesday, Jan 29th:
Q: 85% of Americans think that these are appalling today
A: Apps (like the ones geared for little girls such as the Barbie Plastic Surgery App)

Tuesday, Jan 28th:
Q: 35% of adults keep one of these around - equal numbers of women and men.
A: Teddy Bears

Monday, Jan 27th:
Q: 1 out of 6 parents do this for their kids but don't tell anyone
A: Their homework

Friday, Jan 24th:
Q: What is significant about the last 4 NFC West teams to appear in a Super Bowl?
A: They all have lost. One of those was the 2005 Seahawks. 

Thursday, Jan 23rd:
Q: Along with the Super Bowl being played outdoors for the first time in history, this will also be a first for the Super Bowl this year. What is it?
A: An opera star (New Yorker Renee Fleming) will be singing the National Anthem

Wednesday, Jan 22nd:
Q: The original recipe for this included lithium citrate, a drug often used to treat mood swings and bipolar disorder. 
A: 7-Up

Tuesday, Jan 21st:
Q: A new study published this past Sunday in the Journal of Nutrition says consuming these 2 things can help regulate your blood sugar and possibly reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes
A: Chocolate and Red Wine

Monday, Jan 20th:
Q: 17% of us will lose this in the next year
A: our jobs

Friday, Jan 17th:
Q: Of the 4 starting quarterbacks this weekend, 3 of them have THIS in common
A:They were all drafted to either major or minor league baseball teams

Thursday, Jan 16th:
Q: 2/3 of Americans responsed to a new Harris Poll saying they did this significantly less last year
A: Go out to the movies

Tuesday, Jan 14th:
Q: 59% of women are embarrassed by this between October and April each year
A: Weight gain. 59% gain an average of 7 lbs during this time

Monday. Jan 13th:

Almost 10% of the US population is dealing with this right now:
ANSWER: Battling a cold/flu

Friday, Jan 10th:
There are about 2.2 million of these in America-- and each one gets used about 900 times a day. What are they?
ANSWER: Automatic teller machines.

Thursday, Jan 9th:
The average American ate five and a half pounds of this last year -- and that's a 40-year high. What is it?
ANSWER: Butter. People are ditching margarine and spreads at record rates.

Wednesday, Jan 8th:
Q: The average woman will do this 15 times before finding the right one
A: Kiss a guy

Tuesday, Jan 7th:
Q: A survey asked "What's the most Cliché thing your parents used to say to you all the time?" and THIS came in at #1 on the list
A: "If all your friends jumped off a cliff/bridge, would you ?"

Mon, Jan 6th:
Q:  12
 percent of us are positive we'll do this in 2014. What is it?
ANSWER: Keep a New Year's resolution.

Thursday, Jan 2nd:
On average, women do this nine times per day. Men, on average, only six times. What is it?
ANSWER: Wash their hands. Women are about twice as likely to wash after using the bathroom, by the way.

Monday. Dec. 30th
Q: When it comes to typical New Years Resolutions, this has fallen from the top 3 down to 8 on the top 10 list.
A: Saving money/paying off debt

Thursday, Dec. 26th:
Q: This was on the table for about 8% of Americans on Christmas Day.
A: A check

Monday, Dec 23rd:
Q: About 78% of us got one of these in 2012 - the highest number in 8 years. What is it?
A: A year-end bonus

Friday, Dec 20th:
Q: More of these are purchased at Christmas time (31% more) than during any other holiday or occasion during the year.
A: Diamonds

Thursday, Dec. 19th:
Q: When it comes to things you could do in the 80's that is inconceivable today, what came in at number one on the list?
A: Leaving kids in the car while you run into a store real quick

Wednesday, Dec. 18th:
Q: Health experts and scientists believe that THIS can actually make you fat and wrinkly
A: Diet soda

Monday, Dec. 16th:
Q: A new study out revealed tha

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