Survey Says Brain Buster
Friday, May 22
Q: Nearly 20 percent of American men have one of these -- which is up from 14 percent five years ago. What is it?

A: A beard

Thursday, May 21st
According to a survey… most Americans still don’t use this during the summer
A: Sunscreen 

Wednesday, May 20th
Q:Two percent of Americans say they "never" perform this household task. What is it?
A: Cleaning out the fridge. Experts recommend we do it at least once every two weeks, but only one in three people do it that often

Tuesday, May 19th
Q: According to a survey published in Britain's Daily Mirror, the average woman under 25 has about 150 of these on her right now. What are they?
A: Selfies. That's the number the typical young woman stores in her phone at any given time

Monday, May 18th
Q: One in 10 American grandparents have at least one of these. What are they?
A: Tattoos

Wednesday, May 13th
Q: One in five men who work from home do this -- but twice as many women do the same. What is it?

A: Stay in their pajamas

Tuesday, May 12th
Q: This happens at just over one in five weddings. What is it?
A: The bride and groom write their own vows

Monday, May 11
Q: Men who carry this increase their chances of getting a date by 33%. What is it?
A: Guitar

Friday, May 8
Q: The aroma of this immeadiately improves a man's mood.
A: Smelling bacon

Thursday, May 7
Q: More people are injured by THESE than roller coasters.
A: Folding Lawn Chairs

Wednesday, May 6
Q: The average person does this 480 times a month.
A: Swears

Tuesday, May 5
Q: Eight out of ten people tried this and failed. What is it?
A: To become a vegetarian

Monday, May 4
Q: Four out of ten newlyweds miss THIS most about being single.
A: Having their own bathroom

Friday, May 1
Q: A survey says rubber bands are the #1 item people keep in their junk drawers. What is # 2 on the list?
A: Birthday candles

Thursday, April 30
Q: More than 5 million people still use this out-of-date technology.
A: Rabbit Ear Antenna

BRAIN BUSTER: April 27th
Q: Monks invented them in the Middle Ages as a reward to children who learned their prayers.
A: Pretzels

Q: Almost 1/3 of America does NOT have this
A: Retirement savings

Q: It takes the average person six tries to do this
A: take a selfie

Q: New research shows that our average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today and that THIS will shrink our attention spans like nothing before !
A: The Apple Watch !

Wednesday, April 15:
Q: A new study has confirmed what we all thought to be true anyway, THIS is more unsafe than it used to be
A: Flying

Tuesday, April 14:
Q: On average we have the most of these at age 26
A: Friends

Monday, April 13:
Q: When it comes to dog & cat owners, 87% of us admit we do this
A: Baby talk to our pets

Q: Six percent of people say they've broken up with a significant other over this.
A: Something they've seen on their partner's Facebook. For men, it's usually about a picture. Women take more offense to seeing a written post.

Q: Legend has it that it was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.
Today it's still loved by billions worldwide
A: Cracker Jack.
April 6th is National Caramel Popcorn Day.

Q: The average American ate 257 of these last year. 
A: Eggs

Q: 61% of Americans are embarrassed by this
A: their homes 

Q: Health experts say we should do this at least 3 times per week
A: shower

Q: 13 percent of Americans share this trait -- but the percentage is twice as high among Major League Baseball players. What is it?
ANSWER: Left-handedness.

Q: Expert say THIS is at an all-time high in America, especially among teens
A: Distracted driving

Q: Researchers studied hundreds of adults over 65 and learned that THIS was a big cause in increased belly fat
A: diet soda

Q: According to a new survey, half of married men admit they find THIS person attractive
A: their mother-in-law

Q: In the near future, employers in the United States might be able to legally require their employees to wear this
A: A fitness monitoring device

Q: People spend an average of 10 more minutes per day doing this than they do sleeping
A: Checking email and social media on various technological devices.

Q: It was first developed as a surgical antiseptic. But it wasn't until the 1920's that it was marketed in a whole different way.In just seven years, the company's revenues rose from $115,000 to more than $8 million. 
A: Listerine

Q: Seven out of 10 new brides do this on their wedding day. What is it?
A: Change their Facebook status to "married."

Q: You're most likely to do this if you live in Iowa, and least likely if you live in Nevada. 
A: Graduate from high school. 

Q: 197 of the roughly 1800 members of this group are women. 
A: They're billionaires.

JD's Brain Buster:
Q: Lawmakers believed that 2am was the desirable time for the entire continental US to do this. What is it?
A: Turn the clocks back or forward

JD's Brain Buster:
Q: About eight percent of Americans admit they've checked the Internet while here.
A: Church

Q: According to a recent USA Today poll, 44 percent of us take a vacation from this when we take a vacation.
A: Working out

Q: This is actually illegal in 21 states. 
A: Drinking alcohol in public on a Sunday

JD's Brain Buster
Q: According to a survey by Haagen Dazs, 47 percent of women say they've done this only once. 
ANSWER: Fallen in love. 
JD's Brain Buster:
Q: The typical man spends 56 minutes a day doing this.
A: looking in the mirror 

Breakfast Club Brain Buster:
Q: Half of guys admit they looked foolish doing this
A: Opening a bottle of wine

JD's Brain Buster:
Q: A new survey asked married women, "What's the toughest thing to get your husband to do?"
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