Survey Says Brain Buster
Wednesday, April 27th
Q:   According to a survey by Entrepreneur magazine, one in five employers offers this perk to workers. What is it?
A: Free food or beverages.

Tuesday, April 26th
Q: 30 of men in a relationship feel comfortable enough to do this after 3 months.. What is it?
A: Share their toothbrush!  

Monday, April 25th
Q: 63% of American men say they've done this at least once, but only 44% of American women have. What is it?
A: Had a one-night stand.

Thursday, April 21
Q: According to a new Forbes magazine survey, about one in six retirees do this at least once a week. What is it?
A:  Work. 17 percent of retired folks still do paid work.

Wednesday, April 20th 
Q:  These didn't exist just a few years ago, but high schoolers have recently begun shelling out more than $300 for them. What are they?
A:  Prom-Posals 

Monday, April 18th
Q: About one of every 12 taxpayers will do this today. What is it?
A:  Ask for an extension 

Friday, April 15th
Q: A new study from Columbia University says if you're doing this once a day you're doing it too much. What is it?
A: showering 

Friday, April 8th
Q: It's tracking you, even if you don't use it
A: Facebook 

Tuesday, April 5th
Q: 13% of Americans share this trait - but the percentage is twice as high among Major League Baseball players. What is it?
A: Left-handedness

Wednesday, March 30th
Q: According to a new USA today survey, 1 in 4 pet owners have done this for their pets
A: taken a sick day for them 

Tuesday, March 29th
Q: They first opening in Arkansas. Their biggest selling item is bananas (still) and just last year they faced a bit of criticism for playing non-stop Celine Dion.
A: Walmart

Monday, March 28th
Q: This has been popular on social media now for a while as more and more people are coming up with creative ways to "celebrate". As a matter of fact, it's all over instagram. What is it ?
A: divorce cakes 

Friday, March 25th
Q: People who do NOT do this on social media are 73% more likely to be happy than those who do
A: friend their ex 

Wednesday, March 23
Q: A recent survey of more than 9,000 people revealed that 72% say THIS is a major turnoff when meeting or dating someone online
A: poor grammar

Friday, March 18th
Q:   Given the choice, most Americans want a red one. What are they?
A:    Jellybeans. 20 percent of us say cherry jellybeans rule, while another 12 percent take strawberry. Grape rounds out the Top 3. 

Thursday, March 17
Q:  Boston tops the rest of the U.S. in this, with Albany, New York checking in at number-two. What is it?
ANSWER: Percent of population that's Irish. More than one in five Bostonians can claim Irish heritage.

Tuesday, March 15th 
Q: More than 40 million Americans are expected to bet more than $9 billion on this this year
A: March Madness

Friday, March 11th
Q: According to a survey by Nationwide Insurance, nine percent of us have done this while behind the wheel. What is it?
A: Watch a movie.

Thursday, March 10th
Tough guy Chuck Norris turns 76 today 
Chuck Norris starred in what action movie series?
Chuck Norris created his own branch of martial arts. What was it called?
Chuck Norris lent his voice to what cartoon series?
Missing in Action
Chun Kuk Do
Karate Kommandos

Wednesday, March 9th
Q: Today (3/9/16) is her 57th birthday. Her last name is actually "Roberts". Her first pet was a horse and in 2009 she got a very controversial tattoo. Who is it?

Tuesday, March 8
Q..This is the number one place we lose our cell phones. Where is it?
A..The grocery store

Monday: March 7
Q.. 25% of us do this when we get a new car?
A.. Name It

​March 4th 2016
Q: In 2015, 15.9 million people decided to do this. That's 1 in every 16 Americans.
A: Have plastic surgery

March 2nd 
Q:  Jon Bon Jovi's mom was one of the first women to hold which job?
A:  Playboy bunny

Feb 29
Q: About 4.8 million people around the world were born with this in common. What is it?
A:  A leap year birthday of February 29th. 

Feb 25
Q: Once a month, 33% of Americans eat this for dinner
A: Cereal 

FEB 24 2016
About three percent of Americans have one of these -- although more than 20 percent think they do. What are they?
ANSWER: Food allergies.

Feb 19th 2016
Q:  About 56% of us use these almost every day -- but 10 years ago, almost no one knew how. What are they?
A: Emojis. Most men tend to use nasty or ironic symbols, while women tend to use cute shorthand.

Feb 17th 2016
Q:  Seven out of 10 new brides do this on their wedding day. What is it?
A:   Change their Facebook status to "married."

Feb 16 2016
Q: About three in 10 Americans used our smartphones for this last weekend. What is it?
A: Sending Valentine's

Feb 15th:
Q: It's one of the scariest words in the English language for many Americans this time of year
A: Audit

Feb 12th 2016
Q: 15% of US women will do this on Sunday
A: Send themselves flowers

Feb 11th 2016
Q: We'll buy about 180 million of these this year - and 85% of them will be purchased by women.
A: Valentine's Day Cards

Feb 10th 2016
Q: Men spend about 42 minutes more per week doing this than women. 
A: Eating 

Feb 9th 2016
Q: Today in National Pizza Day. Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest pizza delivery day of the year in America. What is second?
A: Thanksgiving Eve

Q: The average American will spend 43 days of their life doing this.
A: waiting on hold

Q: This will be part of the Super Bowl agenda for about 1.5 million Americans, whether they know it or not.
A: Calling in sick to work on Monday

Wednesday, 2/3:
Q: According to the Public Religion Research Institute, about 19% of us believe God plays a role in this
A: The outcome of the Super Bowl 
of 29:
Q: THIS is all the rage, and farmers are struggling to find enough seeds to keep up.. What is it?
A: Kale

Thursday, 1/28:
q: On this day, February 28th, a radio station became the first station in America to do this. What is it?
Q: play a CD 

Wednesday, 1/27
Q: 41% of Americans didn't do this once last year. 62% don't plan to this year
Q: take vacation

Tuesday, 1/26
Q: According to a recent survey, 10 % of people say they do this to save money...what is it?
A: Switch Price Tags

Monday, 1/25 (Berlin Mall Opticians)
Q: How can you reduce tearing while peeling onions?
A: Chewing Gum

Tuesday, 1/19
Q: This is the one thing the Fire Department says they won't rescue
A: your drone

Monday, 1/18
Q: It takes the average American 4 hours and 32 minutes to do this, and we hate every second of it
A: a visit to the ER 

Wednesday, 1/13:
Q: Americans spent $70.1 billion on this last year - more than movie and concert tickets, sporting events, video games combined
A: Lottery tickets

Tuesday, 1/12
Q: This has more potassium than a banana, more fiber than the leading cereal, more vitamin C than an orange and more vitamin E and K than an Avocado. What is it?
A: A kiwi

Thursday, 1/7:
Q: Doing this while peeling onions can help prevent you from crying.
A: Chewing gum 

Wednesday, 1/6:
Q: The average single woman does this every two-and-a-half weeks, while the typical single man does it once every three-and-a-half months. What is it?
A: Change the bed sheets

Wednesday 12/30:
Q: In America, this is the best week of the year to do this.
A: buy a car 

Monday 12/28:
Q: Experts say we should have as many as possible but the average American has only 5. What are they?
A: passwords

Friday 12/18:
Q: 1 in 10 American households will own one by 2020.
A: A housekeeping robot

Friday 12/18:
Q: 1 in 10 American households will own one by 2020.
A: A housekeeping robot

Thursday, 12/17:
Q: According to a new study, the average person looks at this 46 times every day. That number goes up as the age of the person goes down. What is it?
A: cell phone 

Tuesday, 12/15
Q: There's a new look in Hollywood and beyond, that cosmetic surgery experts say may or may not be intentional. What is it?
A: The permanently arched eyebrow

Monday, 12/14
Q: Americans spent about $685 million on these in 2014 -- and 80 percent of that cash went to China. What are they?
A: Artificial Christmas trees.

Thursday. 12/10
Q: Of 100,000 people surveyed, half believe THIS will be a thing of the past in 5 years.
A: Smartphones

Wednesday, 12/9
Q: It all started December 9th in 1965 – a Christmas tradition that has never once been missed. And it lasts an hour.
A Charlie Brown Christmas 

Tuesday, 12/8
Q: It was invented Dec. 8th 1893 in Chicago by the chef of the Palmer House Hotel at the request of a ladies group that needed something they could eat with their hands without getting them dirty.
A: the brownie (Today is National Brownie Day) 

Tuesday, 12/1
Q: Vermont supplies more than 130,000 to people all across the country. What are they?
A: Christmas trees

Monday, 11/30
Q: Women are more likely then men to fail this on the first attempt
A: Drivers exam

Friday, 11/28
Q: Eyeballs are the second most complex organs you possess. What is the most complex organ you possess?
A: Your brain

Thursday, 11/27 Thanksgiving

Wednesday, 11/25
Q: Who was it that thought the turkey would be a better National symbol than the bald eagle?
A: Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, 11/24
Q: Forget Netflix -- the average American will spend 36 hours this year staring at this. What is it?
ANSWER: The inside of the refrigerator.

Tuesday, 11/17
Q: Research finds that people who did this routinely were less likely to die from a range of diseases from diabetes to heart disease
A: drink at least one cup of coffee per day 

Monday, 11/16
Q: Times are changing - and so will these very soon, down from the typical 2.5 minutes
A: TV commercials

Friday, 11/13
Q: The average woman will spend more than three years doing this between the ages of 18-30
A: Dieting

Wednesday 11/11
Q: Most American homes have at least one of these, but more than a third of them no longer work. What are they?
A: Smoke detectors

Tuesday 11/10
Q: The approximate life span is 5 months and it lives on your body
A: an eyelash

Monday, 11/9:
Q: men are twice as likely as women to suffer this problem on vacation. What is it?
A: a shortage of underwear

Wednesday, 11/4
Q: A new report finds that teens age 13-18 spend more time per day doing THIS than they do sleeping
A: on social media

Wednesday, 10/28:
Q: Americans are about to spend $6.9 billion on THIS ! What is it? A: Halloween 

Friday, 10/23
Q: The National Institute of Health says that THIS is one of the most addictive foods in the supermarket
A: cheese

Wednesday, 10/21
Q: Today is October 21st, 2015 ... the date in which Marty McFly time-travels to in Back to the Future 2.  What is the EXACT time he arrives today?
A: 4:29 p.m 

Tuesday 10/20
Q: A CDC study says that US employers lost almost 90 billion dollars in 2010 thanks to THIS
A: loss of productivity due to employees being hungover

Monday, 10/19
Q: 31% of workers in America need to do this in order to keep their jobs
A: participate in random drug testing 

Thursday, 10/15
Q: THIS is the biggest turnoff for online daters
A: poor grammar 

Monday, 10/12
Q: Almost 40% of us rely on this several times a day, and researchers say if we continue on this path it could significantly affect our memories over time
A: Google 

Wednesday, 10/7
Q: $4.52 is what the average American is forking over this year for this - up 21% in the last 5 years
A: ATM fees

Tuesday, 10/6
Q: 911 calls have increased by almost 30% over the last few years. The FCC did some research into why and found that THIS accounted for 50% of all incoming calls made from mobile phones
A: pocket dials

Friday, 10/2
Q: There are 1800 store locations across the country and Vermont is the ONLY state in the country without one
A: Target

Thursday, 10/1
Q: This Christmas it's estimated there will be about a million of these given as gifts across America
A: drones

Wednesday, 9/30
Q:  People who earn more than $100,000 per year are twice as likely to use one of these as people making under $20,000. What are they?
A: Coupons. 22 % in the upper income range use them regularly.

Monday, 9/28
Q: After you eat one, within an hour your body will experience a rise in blood sugar, dehydration and an urge to eat more. What is it?
A: A Big Mac

Wednesday 9/23
Q: The average American goes through about 3640 of these per day. What are they?
ANSWER: Calories.

Monday, Sept 21st 2015
Q: Fewer than one in 10 Americans do this every night. What is it?
A: sleep with their cell phone ! 

Wednesday, 9/16
Q:  63 percent of Redbook readers say this would help them be more patient with their kids. What is it?
ANSWER: A better night's sleep. 75 percent say it would help them be nicer people in general.

Tuesday, Sept 15th
Q: Like seat belts and airbags, 10 automakers are saying THIS will soon become a standard feature
A: automatic breaking

Monday, 9/14
Q: 61 percent of people say they do this regularly via smart phone  -- but only one in five do it in person. What is it?
A: Say "I love you" to a partner. One in four folks admit they only say it because their significant other will be annoyed if they don't.

Tuesday, September 8th
Q: Every Time you do this, over half a million other people are doing it at the same time.
A: Hitting the space bar on your keyboard

Thursday, September 3rd
Q: In a police officer survey, they claim this is the #1 excuse for speeding.
A: Having to go to the bathroom

TuesdaY, September 1st
Q: 27% of women wish their man did not own these?
A: Golf Clubs

Monday, August 24th
Q: In a new survey, 17 percent of employees say they have one of these at work. What is it?
ANSWER: A candy jar.

Friday, August 21
The typical American man lays out about $28 per month for this. What is it?
ANSWER: Haircuts. The average guy gets his hair cut 12 times per year.

Thursday, Aug 13th
Q: According to a survey by NetMoms, four percent of mothers -- that's one in 25 -- have done this for another woman. What is it?
A: Donate breast milk

Monday, August 3rd
Q..58% of people say this is the most embarrassing thing to happen involving their cars. What is it?
A: Forget where they parked

Thursday, July 30th
Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates his 68th birthday today.
Q: In his first film, Arnold Schwarzenegger played what mythical icon?
A: Hercules 

Wednesday, July 29th
Q: Contrary to popular belief, this goes in the same direction in both the Northern AND Southern Hemisphere
A: the direction of the toilet water swirl

Monday, July 27th
Q: People buy MORE junk food while grocery shopping when they do THIS
A: bring their own shopping bags

Friday, July 24th
Q: About one in four men say they'd be willing to try this recent invention -- but only one in 10 women say they'd give it a shot. What is it?
A: driverless car

Thursday, July 23rd
Q: According to a new Fortune magazine survey, 60 percent of Americans with adult children don't have this bit of info committed to memory. What is it?
A: Their kids' phone numbers

Wednesday, July 22nd
Q: According to a new YouGov poll, one in 10 Americans who've taken this step waited until after their 45th birthday
A: get a tattoo
Tuesday, July 21st

Q: The average American will spend 36 hours staring at this in 2015
A: the inside of the fridge

Friday, July 17th
Q: 10% of guys and 8% of women do this with their social media profile pictures. 
A: Pay a professional to take them

Wednesday, July 15th
Q: It's Cow Appreciation Day! There's one country star who really appreciates a cow on his plate! So much so, he is starring in his own TV series about steak houses. Can you name him?
A: Kix Brooks

Tuesday, July 14th
Q: 541 people have done this so far -- more than half of them American. What is it?
A: Travel to space. 

Monday, July 13th
Q: More college students are turning to THIS to raise money for tuition
A: Crowdfunding

Thursday, July 9th
Q: Q: 14% believe THIS can accurately tell the future ... mostly women believe this. What is it?
A: horoscopes

Wednesday, July 8th
Q: Women spend about 5 months of their entire lives doing this
A: picking out that perfect outfit to wear 

Tuesday, July 7th
Q: More than half of toddlers can use this by the time they are 1. 90% have it mastered by the time they are 2. What is it?
A: The Apple iPad

Monday, July 6th
Q: 35% of 18-24 year olds admit they have altered these
A: Selfies

Friday, July 3rd
Q: We should all be jealous of the folks in Mississippi -- since they top a rewarding list in this category. What is it?
ANSWER: Biggest tax refunds in the U.S.

Thursday, July 2nd
Q: Americans will take home 68.3 million of these for the 4th of July. What are they?
A: Cases of beer

Wednesday, July 1st
Q: According to an annual survey… THIS is American’s favorite fast food chain.
A: Chick-fil-A
The chicken chain scored an 86 in the annual customer satisfaction index to top the list. Chipotle Mexican Grill came in second with an 83. McDonald's came in last place of all fast food restaurants.

Monday, June 29th
Q: 71 percent of people in Vermont have at least one of these -- that's the highest percentage in the nation. What are they?
ANSWER: Pets. Oddly, their neighbors in Massachusetts have the lowest pet ownership rate at just 50 percent.

Friday, June 26th
Q: Americans spent about $662 million on this LAST YEAR this weekend
A: Fireworks.

Wednesday, June 24th
Q: 4 in 10 people don't know this about their spouse
A: How much money they earn annually

Tuesday, June 23
Q: A new study out says that not only can these be uncomfortable, but they can ALSO be DANGEROUS !
A: skinny jeans
Friday, June 19
Q: Eight percent of Americans say they "never" do this.  What is it?
A: Change the oil in your car ! 

Thursday, June 19th
Q: Research shows that graduating seniors are losing confidence in this more than ever before
A: the "American Dream" 

Monday, June 16th
Q: According to a survey by, women in Nevada have the biggest ones, women in Nebraska the smallest. What are they?
A: Heels. Nevada gals wear an average two-point-seven-inch heel every day, while ladies in the Cornhusker State slip on shoes with one-point-nine-inch heels on average.

Friday, June 12th
Q: Women are most likely to do this on Thursday. What is it?
A: Give birth. Fewer babies are born on Saturday than any other 

Monday, June 8th
Q: Most of us have this in common with our best friend, but seven percent of us do not. What is it?
ANSWER: A country of residence.

Thursday, June 4th
Q: 1 in 3 men hide these from their wives
A: speeding tickets

Monday, June 1st
Q: Women between the age of 16 and 55 are getting more of this then men
A: Sleep

Friday, May 29th
Q: It takes the average person nine tries to accomplish this feat.
A: Quit smoking

Thursday, May 28th
Q: According to a new USA Today survey, one in five of us have taken part of this childhood activity as an adult. What is it?
A: Climbing trees

Wednesday, May 27
Q: Sales have increased over the last couple years due to nostalgia and their low price. What is it?
A: Cassettes ! 

Friday, May 22
Q: Nearly 20 percent of American men have one of these -- which is up from 14 percent five years ago. What is it?
A: A beard

Thursday, May 21st
Q: According to a survey… most Americans still don’t use this during the summer
A: Sunscreen 

Wednesday, May 20th
Q:Two percent of Americans say they "never" perform this household task. What is it?
A: Cleaning out the fridge. Experts recommend we do it at least once every two weeks, but only one in three people do it that often

Tuesday, May 19th
Q: According to a survey published in Britain's Daily Mirror, the average woman under 25 has about 150 of these on her right now. What are they?
A: Selfies. That's the number the typical young woman stores in her phone at any given time

Monday, May 18th
Q: One in 10 American grandparents have at least one of these. What are they?
A: Tattoos

Wednesday, May 13th
Q: One in five men who work from home do this -- but twice as many women do the same. What is it?
A: Stay in their pajamas

Tuesday, May 12th
Q: This happens at just over one in five weddings. What is it?
A: The bride and groom write their own vows

Monday, May 11
Q: Men who carry this increase their chances of getting a date by 33%. What is it?
A: Guitar

Friday, May 8
Q: The aroma of this immeadiately improves a man's mood.
A: Smelling bacon

Thursday, May 7
Q: More people are injured by THESE than roller coasters.
A: Folding Lawn Chairs

Wednesday, May 6
Q: The average person does this 480 times a month.
A: Swears

Tuesday, May 5
Q: Eight out of ten people tried this and failed. What is it?
A: To become a vegetarian

Monday, May 4
Q: Four out of ten newlyweds miss THIS most about being single.
A: Having their own bathroom

Friday, May 1
Q: A survey says rubber bands are the #1 item people keep in their junk drawers. What is # 2 on the list?
A: Birthday candles

Thursday, April 30
Q: More than 5 million people still use this out-of-date technology.
A: Rabbit Ear Antenna

BRAIN BUSTER: April 27th
Q: Monks invented them in the Middle Ages as a reward to children who learned their prayers.
A: Pretzels

Q: Almost 1/3 of America does NOT have this
A: Retirement savings

Q: It takes the average person six tries to do this
A: take a selfie

Q: New research shows that our average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today and that THIS will shrink our attention spans like nothing before !
A: The Apple Watch !

Wednesday, April 15:
Q: A new study has confirmed what we all thought to be true anyway, THIS is more unsafe than it used to be
A: Flying

Tuesday, April 14:
Q: On average we have the most of these at age 26
A: Friends

Monday, April 13:
Q: When it comes to dog & cat owners, 87% of us admit we do this
A: Baby talk to our pets

Q: Six percent of people say they've broken up with a significant other over this.
A: Something they've seen on their partner's Facebook. For men, it's usually about a picture. Women take more offense to seeing a written post.

Q: Legend has it that it was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.
Today it's still loved by billions worldwide
A: Cracker Jack.
April 6th is National Caramel Popcorn Day.

Q: The average American ate 257 of these last year. 
A: Eggs

Q: 61% of Americans are embarrassed by this
A: their homes 

Q: Health experts say we should do this at least 3 times per week
A: shower

Q: 13 percent of Americans share this trait -- but the percentage is twice as high among Major League Baseball players. What is it?
ANSWER: Left-handedness.

Q: Expert say THIS is at an all-time high in America, especially among teens
A: Distracted driving

Q: Researchers studied hundreds of adults over 65 and learned that THIS was a big cause in increased belly fat
A: diet soda

Q: According to a new survey, half of married men admit they find THIS person attractive
A: their mother-in-law

Q: In the near future, employers in the United States might be able to legally require their employees to wear this
A: A fitness monitoring device

Q: People spend an average of 10 more minutes per day doing this than they do sleeping
A: Checking email and social media on various technological devices.

Q: It was first developed as a surgical antiseptic. But it wasn't until the 1920's that it was marketed in a whole different way.In just seven years, the company's revenues rose from $115,000 to more than $8 million. 
A: Listerine

Q: Seven out of 10 new brides do this on their wedding day. What is it?
A: Change their Facebook status to "married."

Q: You're most likely to do this if you live in Iowa, and least likely if you live in Nevada. 
A: Graduate from high school. 

Q: 197 of the roughly 1800 members of this group are women. 
A: They're billionaires.

JD's Brain Buster:
Q: Lawmakers believed that 2am was the desirable time for the entire continental US to do this. What is it?
A: Turn the clocks back or forward

JD's Brain Buster:
Q: About eight percent of Americans admit they've checked the Internet while here.
A: Church

Q: According to a recent USA Today poll, 44 percent of us take a vacation from this when we take a vacation.
A: Working out

Q: This is actually illegal in 21 states. 
A: Drinking alcohol in public on a Sunday

JD's Brain Buster
Q: According to a survey by Haagen Dazs, 47 percent of women say they've done this only once. 
ANSWER: Fallen in love. 
JD's Brain Buster:
Q: The typical man spends 56 minutes a day doing this.
A: looking in the mirror 

Breakfast Club Brain Buster:
Q: Half of guys admit they looked foolish doing this
A: Opening a bottle of wine

JD's Brain Buster:
Q: A new survey asked married women, "What's the toughest thing to get your husband to do?"
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