Survey Says Brain Buster
Q: This is actually illegal in 21 states. 
A: Drinking alcohol in public on a Sunday

JD's Brain Buster
Q: According to a survey by Haagen Dazs, 47 percent of women say they've done this only once. 
ANSWER: Fallen in love. 

JD's Brain Buster:
Q: The typical man spends 56 minutes a day doing this.
A: looking in the mirror 

Breakfast Club Brain Buster:

Q: Half of guys admit they looked foolish doing this
A: Opening a bottle of wine

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: A new survey asked married women, "What's the toughest thing to get your husband to do?"
A: Go to the doctor

Q: According to Time magazine, about 15 percent of women have done this on Valentine's Day
A: Send themselves flowers


Q: In a survey of singles asked why they're still single, this was the #1 answer
A: They're too picky


Q: According to a new survey, 1/5 of men don't know when this is
A: Valentine's Day

JD's Brain Buster 
Q: In the past 5 years, our time spent at red lights has increased by 5 seconds because of this
A: Checking cell phones

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: 1 in 5 men say they realize they're getting older when they complain about this
A: the music is too loud

JD's Friday Brain Buster:

Q: The size of these are shrinking year after year by fractions of an inch (25% overall) but the price for them has NOT shrunk - it increases every year by 2%
A: toilet paper rolls

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: 3% of Americans never do this unless they have to
A: Change their password

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: Name the 2 major performers at last year's Superbowl
A: Bruno Mars & Red Hot Chili Peppers

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: This happened only ONCE in Super Bowl history, back in 1977.
A: There was no National Anthem

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: Almost half of married men do this within the first 3 years of marriage
A: Lose their wedding ring

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: This is the #1 thing left behind in hotel rooms
A: cell phone chargers

Q: 56% of America's senior citizens have this in common.
A: They have a Facebook account 


Q: On average, we spend 10 seconds or less doing this every day when we should spend at least 30 seconds
A: Washing your hands

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: 10 billion of these are thrown away every year and not used
A: ketchup packets

JD's Brain Buster:

Q: A survey of 5,000 married women were asked, "What do you wish your husband's mother taught him?"
A: How to iron

Q: Women are 50% more likely to suffer from this compared to men
A: Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder (SAD) ("Winter Blues")

Q: The typical woman experiences this for the first time at age 33
A: Grey hair

Q: 20% of us have done this secretly while visiting someone else's house
A: Changing the toilet paper

Q: A survey of single women were asked, "What is the worst thing a guy can put on his dating profile?" and THIS is what the majority of the ladies said
A: That he doesn't want kids

Q: This is the most recorded Christmas song in history
A: Silent Night

Q: Ladies - this drives guys crazy when you say this
A: "dude"


Q: Over a quarter of sports fans admit they have done this to help their team win
A: Pray


Q: Oklahoma was the last state to do this -- it took them until 1907. What is it?

ANSWER: Declare Christmas an official holiday.

Q: 20% of women say THIS is the first thing they look for when they enter a man's house for the first time

Q: 80% of pet owners have done this.
A: Taken a selfie 

Q: It's predicted that we'll waste $750 million on these this holiday season. Last year that number was $1 billion.
A: Gift Cards 


Q: 75 percent of female drivers know this about their car. 
A: Where the oil filter is

This will happen at 5% of Thanksgiving gatherings.   
Ask guests to pitch in money for the meal!
What is the #2 thing people keep from old relationships?
Ticket Stubs
Over 1/3 of families will do this before Thanksgiving. What?
Hire a house cleaning service
This happens to the adverage American on November 30th. What?
Receive their first Christmas card of the season.
This happens more on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year. What?
5k races
Women say this is the rudest thing a guy can do on a first date. What?
Order their food.
22% of men refer to their wife by this name when talking to other guys. What?
The Boss
5% of women say they would ditch their man for this? What?
Favorite Pair of Jeans.
80% of pet owners have done this. What?
Taken a selfie with their pet!
20% of women say this is the first thing they look for when they enter a man's house for the 1st time. What?
Dirty Dishes
11/12: 70% of men admit they have lied about something on the first date- Half of those men say the lie was about what?
How much they workout!
47% of American workers say this would be the number one perk,  they would want on a job. What?
Free Soda
Over half of the people who have this have never used it. What?
A Sun Roof
About 10% of us have fallen asleep here. Where?
A Funeral
Over a quarter of sports fans admit they have done this to help their team win. What?
Ladies, this drives guys crazy when you say this. What?
Moms are more likely than Dads to do this. What?
Admit they have a favorite child
62% of employers are less likely to hire women who do this at an interview. What?
Do not wear make-up
40% of people said that they or someone they know have done this. What?
Seen a ghost
Over 5 million of these are sold every Halloween season. What?
Vampire teeth
17% of U.S. households do this for Halloween. What?
Decorate with fake spiderwebs
A survey of single women were asked "What is the worst thing a guy can put on his dating profile?"
Don't want kids
A quarter of us have done this on vacation involving people we have befriended. What?
Gave them a fake number
 10% of us that are in relationship hide this from our significant other. What?
Love letters from our ex
As of last year about 16% of kids have done this. (40 Years ago that n
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