7 less-than-romantic dates that women love

Here are seven unconventional first dates that women ended up loving.

1. Going fishing. A beautiful night under the stars together where you can laugh at your less than stellar angling skills can be a secretly fun night out.

2. A comedy club is an opportunity to have fun together and to see what kind of humour the other person likes.

3. The toy store might seem like an incredibly creepy place to take a first date but don’t be afraid to let out your inner child and play together.

4. Staying in and playing cards is a good low key way to get to know each other.

5. Attending a cheese festival might sound like an absolutely crazy thing to do on a first date for those of you not from Wisconson. But for one WI woman it was an absolute blast with her future husband.

6. A stranger’s wedding reception should be an awkward time for everyone involved but wedding’s can be such fun party environments if you’re with the right people it could turn into a real night to remember.

7. A bowel health seminar doesn’t exactly spell romance but once you get that out of the way, imagine how comfortable you feel together.


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