14 Everyday Gadgets That Once Seemed Ridiculous

1. Microwave Oven — yeah, “lightwaves.” OK, sure.
2. The Magnetic Strip — but where’s the money?!
3. The Walkman — why would you walk around in public with things jammed in your ears? Does it even record?
4. Hair Dryer — sounds pretty vain.
5. Mouse — ha, next thing you know, we’re just going to touch the screen.
6. GPS — what is this, a McCarthy spy investigation? lol
7. Remote Control — so there’s just NO knob anymore?
8. Webcam — hmmmm… seems pre-recorded
9. Electric Toothbrush — oh, sure, a bunch of wires in my mouth? Thanks but no thanks.
10. Can Opener — ummm, I think we have this figured out already, thank you very much.
11. ATM — sounds like Pandora’s box of thievery.
12. Video Games — make sense, but I doubt it’s more fun than playing outside.
13. Digital Pet — doesn’t make sense, definitely less fun than playing outside.
14. Mobile Phone — sounds like a nuisance.

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