5 Dos And Don’ts Of Dining Out

On making a reservation: Everyone in your party is going to have a smartphone, so look up the restaurant and call and make a reservation.

On waiting for a table without a reservation: Be willing to sit at the bar. Sitting at the bar can be some of the best experiences at a restaurant, as opposed to sitting in the dining room.

On splitting checks at the dinner table: It’s usually not a problem. It’s much easier to tell us ahead of time.

On splitting checks at the bar: There’s nothing more annoying than when a bartender has to split out six people individually who each had a $5 drink. Somebody just pick up that tab! And then when you guys split the check at the table, when there’s more time to actually split it, then we can make that happen.

Rules for dining out with kids: If you choose to take your kids out to dinner, start doing it when they're at a young age, because kids have to learn how to behave at restaurants. If you bring kids to the restaurant, it’s your responsibility to engage with them. Servers are not day care workers. The sugar packets are not toys.


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